Q & A on Hypnosis, NLP and how it can cure YOUR addictions.


Can I really quit in one session?   Many people do. But the point is that you can stop instantly once you no longer desire smoking. This can happen in one hour, this can happen by hypnosis, this can also happen spontaneously like it has for millions of people. Bottom line, your mind has the power to overcome addictions and bad habits.

Why does it work?  Bottom line, mind has the ability to control the brain and break addictions Urges come from the brain and the brain can simply turn them off. Whether the cause is physical, emotional or psychological, Top-Down Processes in the brain, discovered by neuroscientists in 2005, have 10X more neuro-fibers than bottom-up processes(your five senses). Addictive behaviors are learned bottom-up so theoretically, once activated, Top-Down Processes can obliterate learned habits in an instant.

What is Mind Over Addiction? It’s a new paradigm that sees the mind as the root cause of addiction and attempts to activate the brain’s Top-Down Processes to eliminate addiction. It is a more holistic approach that recognizes 3 Cs of addiction, Conditioning, Coping and Chemical urges. Yet sees chemical urges, such as nicotine, as minor or temporary issue; or sometimes not a problem at all. It’s based on the premise that there is a Conditioned State Energy (CSE), which is the invisible drive of addiction, that is caused by belief, emotions and experiences. In other words, urges are really a thought, belief and nervous system (anchors) problem. Yet, you mind has the ability to override all this in an instant!

What is the Instant-Easy? It’s the moment in time when someone has a revelation or “Ah-ha!” that finally frees them from addiction for good. This is a common way people heal from addiction. It is purely a mental revelation that the physical substance does not control you anymore. The Instant-Easy occurs the moment you meet its conditions — complete detachment from the substance and realizing you hold the keys to freedom and DECIDE to use them. It is thought that this is the moment Top-Down Processes override the addiction and often is accompanied by a sense of euphoria.

Do I need strong Willpower?  Believe it or not you do have willpower, the problem is that you currently use it to keep smoking. Very few people can avoid doing what they really want to do. So why do you want to smoke? Because you currently believe is serves you. The bottom line is that when you give up your attachment to smoking, willpower is no longer needed to quit.

Will I gain weight when I Quit Smoking?  Average weight gain reported by the Surgeon General can be about 4 pounds but this can be avoided by following simple steps such as, do not replace cigarettes with sweets.  Use water as a replacement behavior for food and continue to breathe and do some walking. If you have an eating problem, that problem can be addressed directly. It can also be quite possible that this 4 pounds is healthy water weight and not inches, but again, it can be avoided.

What is NLP?  Neuro-Linguistic programming is a science that duplicates the success of doctors who had great success enabling behavioral change such as Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir. NLP is thought by many to be the most effective human change sciences to date.

Is this safe?  Hypnosis and NLP are totally natural and safe techniques. You are in control it is a totally enjoyable and relaxing experience.

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